About US


Envista, Lda, is a Food Products Consulting Company, which already has a large number of meticulously selected Suppliers, duly certified scattered all over the world.

With over 20 years' experience in International Trading, Import and Export of Commodities, we offer complete consultancy products you want at the best prices and with the best market conditions.

We take care of all the necessary documentation and logistics so that nothing fails and for that we can satisfy our customers 100%.

All our inquiries are made directly to the Producers, so we can provide a product properly selected and suited to the requirements and specifics of our Customers-

We work with a large panoply of products, including:

·         Dry fruits; (Cashews, Peanuts, Almonds, Nuts, Hazelnuts, Dried salted pumpkin seeds, and dried Figs);

·         Wines (100% from Portugal producers)

·         Canned and Frozen (Meat, Fish and Poultry)

·         Rice and Flours;

·         Edible oils (Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Soybean Oil); and etc…);

We have traveled all over the world and a large majority of our Suppliers / Producers have been personally visited by us, where we have  inspected products and work processes, and with which we have developed a strong business relationship and representation agreements, but our main goal is to present to you the best products produced in Portugal, and that are unique from our country.

We are in the terminal phase of developing our website so we will be able to offer better information on all available products where you can consult the origin of each product as well as the Technical Data Sheet, packing and bagging.

We are therefore your right partner, so that your company can explore new products and new national and international markets and can count on our experience, dedication and professionalism.